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It's hard to build a casino, but you can start from managing your own table on BC.GAME.
BC.GAME is not just games, it’s a platform to realize the potential of your hidden dreams. Join BC.GAME and set sail on a new chapter in your wealth journey immediately!
Build A Casino Website
With Your Own Domain.
If you got your own plan. you can set up a casino website with your own domain, design style and theme. If you are capable to invite players and their wager amount reaches a billion dollars and above, you will be able to get your own customized casino!
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Affiliate Reward System
BC.GAME sets up a reward of 100 USD for each referral you invite in addition to commission. Click "Create Referral Code Now" and set sail on a new chapter on your journey of wealth immediately!
Affiliate Rewards
USD Rewards
Every friend you invite will get you
Commission Rewards
Every friend you invite will rebate you a percentage of their wagers as your commission and will be credited directly to your balance.

If you have any special offers regarding cooperation or you have access to a large audience. Please feel free to contact our manager by Telegram. We're happy to discuss individual terms of the affiliate program tailored to you.

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