Argentina National Football Team

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BC.GAME is now an official sponsor of the Argentine Football Association (AFA). This partnership with one of the leading football associations in the world opens up more opportunities for BC.GAME players and AFA fans alike. Both communities have become connected now more than ever.

A New Sports Era

The evolution of technology and sports is truly admirable, providing the best benefits to those who believe in the future of both industries. Today, technology works magically to establish the bridge for igaming and sports communities to engage with convenience and confidence. The recent partnership of BC.GAME and AFA is a prime example that both sectors can work together to offer the best possible experience to sports enthusiasts. Indeed, a new sports era is here—merging physical and digital sports.


What can the fans expect?

Fans can expect BC.GAME to support AFA in the coming time and root for their upcoming matches! The next few months are going to be exciting and fruitful for both BC.GAME and AFA communities. BC.GAME community will be enjoying multiple events in the coming time and win some signed goodies by the famous players like Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, Angel Di Maria, and other exceptional Argentine superstars!

Big opportunities are upon us. Don’t miss this chance to become part of the community that makes a big difference. Let’s revolutionize iGaming together.



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